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Welcome to our wine cellar! 

We are all about taking you on an unprecedented journey of epic discovery and enjoyment!

Our curated wine collection is a selection of artisanal, bio dynamic, organic, natural wines from gutsy wine makers that follow a “minimum intervention” approach and are pushing the boundaries in terms of style and creativity. 

Most of our wines are made by small independent producers in limited volumes and sometimes will never be made again. Our current collection is from the motherland South Africa and beautiful Italy.

Soon in our collection you will find wines from Croatia, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Slovenia and of course Champagne!

Proost! Cheers! Cin Cin!

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Enjoy Best of Wine in Amazine buttons!

Our wines showcase the vibrant fruit and balanced complexities for which this beautiful it’s region.

Please note that our online winery shop delivers around the world. 

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